Your Artwork, Your Contract, Your Project

White Label NFT Solution

Industry Standard ERC721 Smart Contract
You set the Name, Quantity, Price and more
User Friendly, One Click Minting Platform
Images and Metadata hosted on IPFS
Compatible with OpenSea and ALL markets

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Frequently Asked Questions

We provide a user friendly, turnkey solution so that artists, creators and project founders can launch an NFT project without having to worry about the technical development and allowing you to focus on what matters most, creating. This platform has been battle tested and proven to function flawlessly across all networks and devices. Check out the industry standard smart contract:

Smart Contract

My own Custom Smart Contract?

Yes! We use the Golden Standard Open Zeppelin ERC721 smart contract. This is the most widely used contract by every collection we know and love including BAYC. You pick the name, symbol, quantity, price and max mint per transaction.

Blind Minting on My Own Website?

Yes! The dApp comes straight out the box with 4 user friendly 1 click mint buttons. Each is preset to a specific number of NFTs: 1, 5, 10 and 20 (try them above). You can add/replace all the text, images and social media links.

Does it Work on Mobile?

Yes! It's compatible with Metamask on desktop/laptop web browsers and functions perfectly on multiple mobile dApp browsers such as Metamask, TrustWallet and Coinbase Wallet.

Where is the Artwork Stored?

IPFS! Your choice of either IPFS, Arweave, AWS, or your own hosting server (not recommended). We can upload it for you or provide step by step instructions on how to upload it yourself so it all works perfectly.

Custom Traits on OpenSea?

Of Course! We'll format your metadata is to the industry standard .json file which is compatible with ALL NFT marketplaces including OpenSea, Rarible etc... These are also uploaded to IPFS and recorded in your own smart contract.

How do we Make 10k Images?

Easy Peezy! Well not that easy. We have the generative algorithm that will assemble the images using the assets you create. For example 10 categories with 10 items of each (background, face, eyes, mouth, hat etc.) can generate 10 billion possibilities.

How Much Does it Cost?

We're flexible! You can pay upfront or give us a percentage of sales based on the requirements of your project.

Who the Fck are You?

2 Millenials! I go by Fuego he goes by El Chapo. Occasionally Th3Alchem1st helps out too. He's a Boomer. Together we make shit happen.

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